Posted By Deral at Home on 9/23/2008 at 5:21 PM

You have to read it close but there are two prominent POB posters mentioned in the Lawton Constitution Sunday front page article.

It formatted goofy from the online edition of our paper and the pictures looked much nicer in the paper.

Kristi is who I have been working with on this system of scripts to automate the mapping of an excel file of sex offenders, and excel file of day cares, our parks maps and the school locations.

What took her a day to do once a month now takes less than five minutes. That is a pretty good savings but this is not the only goal.

The requests each month by sex offenders are numerous and she can now type in an address and the software will immediately give a yes or no and a map proving the answer. The estimate is that it will save about 120 man hours each month.

The statute reads 2000' radius from the PROPERTY LINE and not some centroid in the middle of a park or school.

Using our parcel maps then even irregular shaped parcels get buffered correctly.

The writer is the beat reporter for the police but the article managed to highlight the work of Michael and I pretty well.

The actual newspaper had a couple of pull out quotes. One by me I liked particularly well. "This takes out the doubt and puts the decision on a scientific basis which, for the police, is defensable in court".

Surveyors, Maps and GIS. Sometimes it works well for a community.