Leica ALS60 (www.leica-geosystems.com/us/en/lgs_57629.htm) is redefining the power of LIDAR mapping, now with 200 kHz “At-the-Ground” Pulse Rate, industry best productivity and improved reliability. The new Leica ALS60 Airborne Laser Scanner builds on the legacy of productivity, accuracy and flexibility that have made Leica Geosystems’ ALS series instruments the fastest selling airborne LIDAR systems in the industry. Continued technical advancements result in a new generation of LIDAR systems that are more productive than ever before.

Leica Geosystems’ third-generation LIDAR system, the Leica ALS60, continues to break traditional paradigms such as having to choose between rapidly-acquired, high-density data and achieving outstanding accuracy – or having to choose between a compact system and one with high-altitude performance. The Leica ALS60 allows accurate data collection independent of pulse rate, depending instead only on flying height. In addition, it‘s flying height envelope ranges from a helicopter-compatible 200 m AGL to 5000 m AGL for wide-area mapping.

Leica ALS60 delivers accurate data faster
“LIDAR jobs come in all sizes, from city mapping applications requiring ultra-high point densities to large-area contracts with lower point densities best served from greater flying heights. Leica ALS60’s MPiA technology increases the productivity by 100%“, says George Southard, Leica Geosystems’ Vice President Americas’ Digital Imaging.