(Saratoga Springs, NY-28 July 2008) Seneca County, New York, and national GIS firm James W. Sewall Company announced today at the annual conference of the New York State Association of Directors of Real Property Tax Services the award of a contract to develop and deploy the eParcel Hub, an innovative on-line solution for delivering tax parcel data to the public and for streamlining tax collection information management and other assessment-related processes. eParcel Hub will enable the County to house comprehensive tax assessment, billing, and payment data in one location and to maintain and monitor this data quickly and efficiently on-line. Importantly, the public can also access the same information on-line, improving the delivery of services and optimizing the effectiveness of County staff resources.

Earlier this year, Sewall formed the Geospatial Solutions operating group to leverage broad capabilities in GIS data production and analysis, systems engineering and integration, product development, and technical project management for the benefit of our clients in government and industry. Since the acquisition of Weiler Mapping in 2003, Sewall has built an extensive presence in New York State, maintaining tax maps and databases for county and local governments that include over 20 percent of all tax parcels in the State. Sewall is currently leveraging this expertise as well as access to important GIS data to assist local officials in New York in the development of shared services and advanced public administration capabilities.

To obtain more information on Sewall offerings and services, please visit www.sewall.com.