The C-Nav DGPS Division of C & C Technologies, Inc. was recently awarded a contract by the Brazilian Navy Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (DHN) for the supply of C-Nav GcGPS hardware, as well as high-accuracy DGPS (dGNSS) subscription services.

The Directorate of Hydrography, which is responsible for Brazil’s official nautical charts, performs high-accuracy hydrographic surveys to update the charts and to ensure safety of navigation within the country’s coastal areas and inland waterways.

C-Nav offers a wide range of software and quality control tools including C-NaviGator, C-Monitor and C-Setup for simple operation and installation. Customer support is provided through C-Nav offices in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Angola, South Africa, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The C-Nav support network continues to expand with new dealers and distributors operating worldwide.

For more information about C-Nav quality positioning products and solutions please go  or send an e-mail to cnav@cctechnol.