INDUSTRY TOOLKITS:Autodesk today announced the availability of three AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Industry Toolkits aimed at helping Map 3D 2009 users working within the electric, water or wastewater utility industries to improve adherence to data standards and to increase drafting productivity for transmission and distribution system networks during data creation, acquisition and consolidation phases of a network design project.

With these industry-specific toolkits, utilities can leverage their existing investment in Autodesk technology to increase efficiency and data quality. Each toolkit includes industry data models and symbology specific to electric, water or wastewater utility operations. The toolkits enable utilities to quickly create and maintain consistency in drawings throughout a design project’s lifecycle. Utilities can:

  • Improve drafting productivity of facilities for new and experienced workers;
  • Define and apply data standardization and intelligence during the drafting process;
  • Seamlessly integrate data received from external contractors and other departments to match established standards; and
  • Easily prepare engineering/CAD data for GIS.

The toolkits can also help facilitate the transfer of information between utilities and external engineering firms. Engineering firms can easily work within industry standards, leading to improved engineering/CAD and GIS data integration as well as more effectively meeting client requirements.

SURVEYING TOOLS: The availability of new AutoCAD Map 3D Surveying Tools was also announced today. These tools provide Map 3D 2009 users with surface creation, improved point data support and additional coordinate geometry (COGO) functionality. Map 3D 2009 users can now create, visualize and analyze terrain models and improve design and as-built update processes when working with point data collected by surveying, scanning and GPS instruments and devices. The surveying tools are available exclusively for users of Map 3D 2009.

The toolkits are available for free download for AutoCAD Map 3D subscription holders in North America as of June 27, 2008.

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