The maxim of the real estate industry takes on new meaning when it's discovered that a house was built--and sold twice in the last 10 years--on the wrong piece of property.  Maybe the new axiom should be "Location, location, location and a survey."

By Brian Liberatore •
June 14, 2008
Two Cape Coral property owners are squaring off for a legal battle over a house built on the wrong piece of land.
The easiest solution might be for the two to exchange deeds. Minus the house, their two lots - located at 146 and 150 S.E. 18th St. - are almost identical. But both parties have discounted a deed swap for a courtroom, where they may gain a better return on their investments.
Legal experts say the housing mishap could lead to a lengthy saga with many possible outcomes.
All of the confusion could have been avoided with a few simple checks or a $250 survey. It took the perfect confluence of oversights spaced out through more than a decade for the problem to get where it is.