When surveyors for the Ohio Department of Transportation showed up to lay out a new cul-de-sac, the adjoining property owner not only found out that his neighbor owned the 10-foot strip of land he thought was his, the state is only offering $300 compensation.

Disputes involve land acquisition, consequences of road construction

Eugene Ward was in for a bit of a surprise when Ohio Department of Transportation land surveyors visited his property to lay out a new cul-de-sac on Box Road to be built as part of the new U.S. 24 across southern Lucas County.
According to the state, the evergreen tree that Mr. Ward thought was on his property's northeast corner actually belonged to a neighbor - as did everything else on a 10-foot strip of what Mr. Ward believed to be his yard.
ODOT has offered Mr. Ward $300 compensation for its planned taking of the small parcel of property. The figure includes $50 for a flowering bush next to the tree.