Norcross, GA – July 16, 2008 - As part of its commitment to helping organizations better prepare and respond to natural disasters and emergency situations, ERDAS is offering ERDAS TITAN to emergency management agencies at no cost.  

TITAN is a tool for publishing, indexing, searching, and retrieving geospatial information across entities and end-users. TITAN GeoHubs enable organizations to rapidly share imagery and vector data to develop a real-time common operating picture by allowing emergency management planners and responders to dynamically publish and consume geospatial data in a permission-based, collaborative online network. Deployed ahead of an emergency, state agencies, Fusion Centers, emergency operations centers, and other groups can leverage TITAN to better disseminate information required for collaborating and preparing complex plans. During an actual event, TITAN provides ready access to data essential to situational awareness and management of emergency response efforts.

“When disaster strikes, homeland security and emergency management agencies need a means of developing a common operational picture that can be shared among responders,” said Eddie Pickle, Director of Content Development at ERDAS. “By making it easy to distribute the most recent imagery and vector data in a wide range of formats, TITAN enables stakeholders with data such as imagery, flood data, fire perimeters, parcel data, or other geospatial data associated with medical services, shelters or evacuation routes to publish and share data from headquarters, field offices, or directly from laptops on site.”

ERDAS is making TITAN GeoHubs and Places2protect data available at no charge to qualified U.S. federal, state, and local government entitles throughout the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season, which concludes November 30. To further enhance the capabilities available to emergency management teams, ERDAS has partnered with MCH GeoPoints to offer data on medical facilities and other key institutions such as schools and nursing homes at no charge. This data is currently supplied to the federal homeland security community as part of the HSIP program, and ERDAS and MCH offer it to state and local officials as Places2protect and People2notify.

Agencies wishing to take advantage of this offer can order a free ERDAS TITAN GeoHub with online access to Places2protect data by calling 1- 877-GO ERDAS (then choose option 4).

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