Town officials gave Jackie Dyson's new neighbor a permit to build a fence based upon a recent land survey. Not only is the new fence on Dyson's land, which she has owned for 20 years, it takes her shed away, too. According to the government officials who issued the permit, it's not their problem.

Town issues building permit without knowing if resident owns land

The Labradorian
The town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay issued a building permit to a resident to build a fence on property that isn't his, says local resident.
Jackie Dyson, who has lived at 11 Montagnais Road was shocked to find the town issued her neighbour to build a fence on property that's been hers for the past 20 years.
"How would you feel if when you came home from work, your neighbour was building a fence on your property? And to top it all off my shed is on the wrong side of the fence," Ms. Dyson said.
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