Maptek has released the latest advance in the mining industry’s powerful scan processing software, I-Site Studio 3.1.

‘We’ve listened to what I-Site Studio users have been asking for, and have spent many months adding fantastic enhancements that’ll deliver even more meaningful results from scan data’, said I-Site Product Marketing Manager, Raj Elakkara.  

‘If I had to pick my top 3 new features, I'd have to go with ‘creating animations from a series of key frames’, ‘applying photographic imagery to modelled surfaces’, and the flexible file formats we now support.  These enhancements will certainly make a surveyor’s job easier,’ he added.  

I-Site is a favourite among laser processing scan products and is used by mines around the world for face mapping, pit survey and stockpile measurement. Studio’s powerful tools are combined with an intuitive user interface that relies on drag and drop functionality. Simple menu options makes it easy to use, whether you’re building models, performing data analysis, or creating movies.

New options that users can perform with ‘one click’ include tying multiple window views together, removing stray spikes caused by dust, vegetation or other structures in 2D surfaces, and breaking apart contours into individual lines. Studio also now automatically detects a USB storage device and prompts the option to import scan files from it.

Other ‘Top 10’ enhancements see 2D text remaining visible under any visualisation mode, and faster compaction and greater stability of DataEngines.

I-Site Studio 3.1 software is also now compatible with Optech file formats, allowing their system users to realise the benefits of the most effective solution for point cloud data processing,” added Raj.

Additional import/export upgrades include the ability to customise ASCII file formats, group text formats into scans, points and survey points categories and customise imported ASCII file formats by specifying parameters used in each column. This allows 3D point data from different sources to be imported without reformatting the data file initially. All settings can be saved for later use.

‘Maptek adds value to operations by our commitment to ongoing product development, which is driven by practical field experience all the way along the line. This expertise is then shared with customers through our training and support services, which are without peer in the industry,’ Raj concluded.