Three years after he vocally opposed a road-expansion project, without notice, the city of Tolleson, Arizona, tore down his main access gate and his fence and replaced it with a block wall. ...

David Madrid - Jun. 7, 2008 07:15 AM
The Arizona Republic
Tolleson resident Richard East has lost access to a major portion of his property, something he blames on actions by the city in retribution for his activism.
The 59-year-old disabled man hasn't lost all the access to his one-acre plot, just what he needs to get a hay-delivery truck onto his land and to get his camper out of his backyard.
Tolleson cut off access to his two side gates when the city expanded 91st Avenue by three lanes, East says.
Then the city took away his main front gate when it tore down his fence and gate and replaced it with a block wall, according to East.
East says that the fence and gate were on his property, not the city's. He hired a surveyor, who verified that.