When a border dispute erupts between two Pennsylvania counties, a land surveyor and a mapping analyst armed with GPS are called in to set things straight.

By David Pierce
Pocono Record Writer
June 22, 2008
POLK OR ELDRED TOWNSHIP - If you think you know what township you live in, and you reside along the Polk-Eldred township border, think again.
Your property's township may have changed before in the annals of time and - thanks to two mapping experts armed with Global Positioning System technology not much different from that found in the family car - may be about to change again.
George Basila, a mapping analyst with the Monroe County Planning Department, was asked to help navigate a boundary dispute between Eldred and Polk townships. Basila and Robert Beers, a local registered surveyor, are searching for old monuments and landmarks along the township borders, and using satellite technology to plot the landmarks' locations on maps.
They hope to firmly establish the entire northern Eldred and southern Polk border through the comprehensive survey.
"As far as we know it's never been done," Beers said.