Posted By Kent McMillan on 6/14/2008 at 9:47 PM
Since I posted the details of that resurvey in the 1920's-vintage subdivision in which various quickie-dickie surveyors had worked their magic, the saga continues.
I stopped by this afternoon to see what sort of a conclusion one of the quickie-dickies had arrived at after receiving a copy of the map (and I suppose the report) of my work from last month.
I really do need to go back and photograph the scene. Here is what it looked like 31 days ago:
But since then, a new rod and cap marker has appeared above Pipe 103 and to the left of Pipe 127.
Naturally, the new rod and cap is incorrectly placed. I mean, it would be way too much work for a surveyor to tape 0.32 ft. off Pipe 103 and 0.80 ft. off Pipe 127, right? Right. No one could possibly ever perform that act of Rocket Science.
No, but the new rod and cap was an education of sorts in quickie-dickie methods. Both of the new rods and caps set to mark the front corners of the parcel had the plastic caps pounded over the rods to the point that the rod popped through and you couldn't read the name of the survey liable for the work. The plastic cap had been set, but as collar that looked as if the rod had been disturbed!
What a great idea that is. Set your monuments so that if there is ever any question, you just point out that they were obviously disturbed!
There just may be no bottom to the barrel of residential surveyors.
Best regards,
Kent McMillan, RPLS Austin TX