Posted By JB Stahl on 5/29/2008 at 9:27 AM
Ran across this description this week adjoining the property I'm surveying. Thought it was a great example of what results from a lack of respect for the prior survey dimensions and an ego that says, I can survey better.

Beginning at a point that is 7.218 feet due South and 275.90 feet due West of the center of Section 32, Township 3 South, Range 1 East, Salt Lake Base and Meridian (Said beginning point being also located North 89'18'01" West 2921.09 feet, more or less to a pipe fence corner post in concrete from the East quarter corner of said Section 32); and running thence South 1°03'10" West 168.00 feet along a wire fence (South 01°06'55" West 168.33 feet along an existing wire fence); thence North 89°28'30" West 277.06 feet, more or less, to an existing fence corner (North 89°21'53" West 276.74 feet to a second existing wire fence); thence North 02°54'22" East 152.78 feet along said fence; thence North 87°33'47" West 134.013 feet, more or less, to the Easterly line of Fort Street; thence North 05°49'19" East 25.03 feet, more or less, along said Easterly line of Fort Street (North 05°38'00" East 25.03 feet along said Easterly Right of way line of Fort Street); thence South 87°28'58" East 404.15 feet, more or less, along a wire fence (South 87'24'13"East 404.20 feet) to the point of beginning.

How many decimal points are necessary to figure out that the boundary must be "that fence corner over there?" At least the description contains calls for monuments, a rarity in these parts.