Registered land surveyor Amy Woodall helps Montgomery County, Indiana, comply with 21st-century state law by finding its 19th-century section corners.

By Aleasha Sandley
Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 11:31 PM EDT
Pieces of Montgomery County history are slowly but surely being found, allowing residents to be sure of the boundaries of their properties and surveyors to have correct information.
The county’s section corners, stones or markings from the mid-1800s that break the land into equal plats, are being found in accordance with Indiana law, which says each county must find, or perpetuate, 5 percent of its section corners each year.
Registered land surveyor Amy Woodall has taken the past three months to start looking for the stones in the northern half of Madison Township. So far, she’s found 20 of the original stones from the 1800s and plans to perpetuate 70 corners in all this year, enough to satisfy state law.
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