Virtual Geomatics announced today an agreement to procure their VG4D software solutions for Sanborn's LiDAR operations.

Austin, Texas, May 12, 2008 -Virtual Geomatics and Sanborn, a leader in the geospatial industry, today announced an agreement to procure Virtual Geomatics VG4D software solutions for Sanborn’s LiDAR operations.

The Virtual Geomatics’ software solutions will initially be deployed for production in Sanborn’s Colorado Springs operations. As its customers move forward with larger mapping programs that require increased resolution and faster delivery schedules, Sanborn has developed proprietary technology to respond to customer demands. By adding the advantages of the VG4D software solutions, Sanborn will offer even greater reliability to its customers with the strength of enhanced product quality management.

Jamie Young, general manager of Sanborn’s LiDAR operations, “As an end-to-end, stand-alone (no GIS or CAD applications required) alternative, Virtual Geomatics’ VG4D software features an easier way for us to share information and functionality with our customers. We have access to more tools and are able to extract more information from the LiDAR with improved efficiency. This is the advantage to streamlining data exploitation. “

The VG4D suite of LiDAR solutions consist of multiple software products, two of which are Production Manager and Data Manager. VG4D Production Manager provides an end-to-end LiDAR production workflow solution including advanced filtering and editing tools, process-oriented workflow management and production metrics. VG4D Data Manager is a subset (does not include the filtering tools) of VG4D Production Manager which has two deployable paths; 1 for the production workflow for QC/edit operations that do not require the filtering tools and 1 for the end-user to have immediate functionality to not only visualize but also to exploit processed LiDAR data.

“The VG4D software offers disruptive price to performance advantages over the industry incumbents,” noted Rick Vincent, chief operating officer of Virtual Geomatics. “Sanborn’s purchase of the VG4D software solutions reinforces our position in the growing market for high quality LiDAR solutions that offer greater production efficiencies, enhanced exploitation capabilities for the end-users and lower cost of ownership.”

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