Applanix has promoted Eric Liberty as the new Director of Sales for the company.

Dear Subscriber,

Applanix is pleased to let you know that Eric Liberty has been promoted to Director of Sales for the company. This appointment is an important step in advancing Applanix’s global position as the leading provider of Mobile Mapping and Positioning products and solutions.

As Director of Sales, Eric will be responsible for developing and executing the corporate sales strategies as Applanix implements and communicates its new mission and vision through Mobile Mapping and Positioning. Eric will lead Applanix’s worldwide industry recognized sales team with a commitment to providing exceptional business-to-customer communication and sales service.

Eric Liberty joined Applanix in October 2006 as DSS Product Manager. Prior to joining Applanix, Eric had worked with Optech Inc., managing sales activity for airborne and land LIDAR systems. Eric holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

With his deep understanding of the geospatial business and a keen strategic perspective on our industry’s future, Eric is uniquely qualified for this role. The appointment ensures our continued global commitment to Applanix’s customers and reinforces our pledge to lead the Mobile Mapping and Positioning industry.

We welcome Eric to the sales team. If you have any questions regarding this appointment, please feel free to contact Andrew Stott, Marketing Communications,

The Applanix Marketing Group