Baton Rouge, Louisiana, April 16, 2008, SJB Group, LLC received seven awards from the Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors during the 2008 Annual Meeting and Convention in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

SJB Group received 1st place honors in the Boundary/Cadastral Maps, the Topographic Maps, the Subdivision Maps, the ALTA/NSPS Survey Maps, and the Miscellaneous Maps categories. The Boundary Survey measures the perimeter of a piece of property or parcel, while the Topographic Survey measures the existing elevations and improvements. The Subdivision Map shows the arrangement of property lines, lots and other features that will occupy the site. The Miscellaneous Map entered by SJB Group was a combined boundary and topographic survey.

SJB Group, LLC Surveying Division Manager, Garner Morales, commented, “The bestowment of these awards upon us by our fellow professional surveyors is an honor that demonstrates our dedication to the profession and to delivering the highest quality of workmanship to our clients.”

The winning plats were presented to Mr. Frederick Dugdale, Drafting and Design Technology Division of the Louisiana Technical College, T.H. Harris Extension Campus, Opelousas, Louisiana for use in their surveying program.

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