Posted By Nate Dearyan on 4/30/2008 at 10:58 AM
I mean, still crunching numbers with DOS, and running total station, ONLY traversing perim of subject parcel (ie, no tie line), Little research, and never having had a look at the actual impact of their work, because they never had that much data, to actually see the whole area?
I think so. I met one the other day, that mostly only surveys occupation lines, and has NEVER run GPS.
What I mean, is it seems that the crack is widening. Between the surveyors that are staying current, and those that are not.
So, I loaned him our 6 locus units, with poles, and and gave him a 30 minute instruction set, and sent him out.
Then, we post processed together, and he saw what happens when you try to gps by a big pine, with only 5 birds up!
Anyway, I think I am missionary minded, as far as really wanting all surveyors get on the same page.
Kinda funny. You hear all the arguments.

"Too Expensive"
"can't afford it"
"I don't have time to learn it"
"Too busy as it is"
"Another tool to break"
"Don't need any more batteries to charge"
Then, AFTER using it, they think it is great!

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