Posted By half bubble on 4/21/2008 at 2:41 AM
So you're calling around looking for entry-level survey work. You've got the surveyor on the phone. Here are three questions I always ask now (that I wish I had known to ask when I started):
1) Do you use GPS ?
2) Do you use least squares?
3) Do you ever do ALTA surveys?
Ideally, all three questions get a "yes". (it's ok if they use least squares but don't do ALTAs)
1) without GPS you will be missing exposure to an important tool. Not entirely a deal killer, but a red flag. A summer without GPS won't kill you but be aware you will be missing out.
2) An outfit that doesn't use least squares is stuck in the dark ages. Not even worth further talk other than polite noises.
3) is a trick question. If they say NO to least squares and YES to ALTAs, RUN AWAY DO NOT WALK because this indicates a high level of ignorance about the current 2005 ALTA standard.