Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) announced two new additions to its series of excavating control solutions: the X62 and the X42.

Topcon debuts new X62, X42 excavator grade control systems

-- Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) recently announced two new additions to its series of excavating control solutions - the X62 and the X42.

The new X62 solution for excavators is an affordable basic system that can quickly and easily be upgraded to full 3D GPS+ control. In this system, core sensor infrastructure is installed, allowing an excavator to work in a variety of everyday grading applications.

The X62 can be used for cutting slopes, excavating trenches for utilities as well as digging footings and basements. The easy-to-learn, easy-to-use system includes the GX-60 touch screen graphical display and four 360 degree tilt sensor all connected via a CANBus configuration.

The X62 can be quickly upgraded to a 3D-GPS+ indicate control system, to work off a digital site model increasing productivity even further. The X62 allows the user to receive multi-constellation signals - GPS and GLONASS - for maximum signal reception in all conditions.

In the X42 system, Topcon offers a high-performance, low-cost option that is ideal for large or small excavators and backhoes for use in applications where basic indicate control is all that is needed. The X42 offers the same level of reliability contractors expect of Topcon products at a more economical price. This system consists of four tilt sensors, the new GX-40 graphical display and a detachable light bar for grade indication. The GX-40 display offers a high level of functionality using easy-to-read keypad buttons.

An optional LS-B10W laser receiver can be added to both units to provide a constant elevation benchmark for the machine when it moves to a new position.

Murray Lodge, TPS director of sales-construction, said, "Topcon's X62 and X42 systems represent a giant leap in excavator grade indication. The systems are built to withstand the harshest construction environments and designed to be user friendly and flexible enough to apply to even the most difficult jobs."

Lodge also said that 2D allows "flexibility to use a wide array of physical references: existing surface, a hub, a previous cut, or a rotating laser. It's as simple as choosing your reference and entering a cut and/or slope depth. With Topcon's 2D systems an operator can even create multiple elevation/slope designs right in the cab, then cut to the design without the hassles of starting and stopping to reestablish a reference.

"Simply put, with X62 or X42 you have a system to fit every work situation at an affordable price for any operation."

The benefit of a 2D excavator, Lodge said, is you can use it every day on every job site. "You'll eliminate over-excavation, control material usage and cut down on staking which will save time and money. That's possible because 2D gets you to grade fast and keeps you there, even in deep, blind-cut situations or when digging under water."

With the new systems the operator can "see" bucket position at all times, he said. "Final grade, and the distance of the bucket teeth from it, is clearly displayed, allowing total control in every job situation. Crew safety is also dramatically increased since the grade checker does not have to be down in the hole or with the machine at all times.”