When new landowners--an American couple from New York-- post "No Trespassing" signs along the trail that leads down to a popular Canadian beach, a surveyor is called in to set the record straight.

Filing snag keeps residents from popular beach

Last Updated: Monday, February 4, 2008 | 12:28 PM AT
CBC News
The provincial registrar general is looking into how a property sale last year turned what had been a Crown-owned waterfront into a private beach.

Mark Coffin, who heads the province's land registration system, ordered an investigation after a beach in Cape Breton, which was a piece of provincial Crown land, was included when the land adjacent to the beach was purchased last summer.

Eugene MacKinnon, 14, was shocked recently when he tried to go to the little beach near his home in Big Harbour only to be told he was trespassing.

"Well, me, my dog and my brothers were going down to the beach and this girl said that she owns the property," said MacKinnon. "She said you can't come down. She said get off the property."