WhiteStar Corp. officially unveiled the WhiteStar PolyBuilder application at the ESRI Petroleum Users Group (PUG) Conference in Houston, Texas.

WhiteStar to Introduce PolyBuilder Service at ESRI Petroleum Users Group Conference
LAKEWOOD, Colo., 20 February 2008 – WhiteStar Corp., a supplier of digital cartographic data products and services to the oil and gas industry, will officially unveil the WhiteStar PolyBuilder application next week at the ESRI Petroleum Users Group (PUG) Conference in Houston, Texas. The PUG conference is being held Feb. 25-27, 2008, at the Houston Marriott Westchase.
The new WhiteStar PolyBuilder service is a web-based application that allows a user to easily calculate the geographic points representing a land polygon. By entering the legal land description of a region or property within the U.S. Public Land Survey System, the PolyBuilder user receives a list of geographic points in either latitude/longitude or state plane coordinates that define the boundaries of the land area. 
“We created PolyBuilder to allow our clients in the petroleum industry to build exploration maps as quickly and inexpensively as possible,” said WhiteStar President Robert White. “With just a few clicks of the mouse, PolyBuilder can calculate the boundaries that define an oil or gas lease – all in a matter of minutes, compared to the days that manual methods might require.”
PolyBuilder users can specify multiple regions for the same description, and the web-based application will calculate and return the combined results with as few distinct polygons as possible, for optimal simplicity. Any application with internet access and proper entitlement can use the service.
“WhiteStar regularly upgrades and enhances the software and operating environment behind the PolyBuilder service, which means our subscribers don’t need to maintain a costly and labor-intensive IT infrastructure,” said White. “As is true of all WhiteStar subscription products, we maintain the data so our clients can focus on finding oil.”
PolyBuilder operates in conjunction with the WhiteStar UGA (Unlimited Grid Access) product, and uses the same land grid data as the WhiteStar SpotOn offering. The WhiteStar UGA product is a seamless digital mosaic of the public land survey grid covering the entire United States, including Texas and Gulf of Mexico federal waters. WhiteStar developed UGA from 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic maps to provide flexibility to oil and gas companies for mapping projects that span a few square miles or cover the entire nation.
WhiteStar’s SpotOn is a web service that enables users to convert a well’s public land survey legal description into a precise geographic coordinate. SpotOn determines well locations in real time, adding flexibility, saving time, reducing errors, and providing an easy way for oil and gas companies to keep their well locations up-to-date and check the accuracy of existing well location data.
WhiteStar has created an interface for the SpotOn Service to export the well location coordinates directly into most mapping applications the client may be using for oil and gas project mapping. WhiteStar is making the Well Spotting Web Service available directly to clients online and is also licensing the API for integration into other mapping services.
Liberal WhiteStar licensing policies for all WhiteStar products and services allow for data interchange among business partners, and licenses are available for posting the data on internet or intranet web sites.
Visit WhiteStar in Booth #512 at the ESRI Petroleum Users Group Conference for a PolyBuilder demonstration and to learn more about the UGA and SpotOn products.