Problem:Public Land Surveyinig System: Meandering

Problem: Public Land Surveyinig System: Meandering

Under rules set down in the 1973 Manual of Surveying Instructions, which of the following should be meandered?

(A) Rivers and streams having a width of 3 chains or more, whether navigable or not
(B) Lakes covering 40 ac or more
(C) Swamp lands
(D) Islands above the mean high water line that have arisen after the state in which they stand was admitted into the U.S.

This is problem 142(5-97) from the new second edition of1001 Solved Surveying Problemsby Jan Van Sickle. Reprinted with permission from1001 Solved Surveying Problemsby Jan Van Sickle (1997, 728 pp., Professional Publications Inc.). For details on this and other FLS exam-prep books, call 800/426-1178 or

Answer: A

Lakes of 50 ac and more should be meandered under current instructions. Swamp and overflow lands should not be meandered. Islands that have been in existence since before a state was admitted to the U.S. should be meandered, but not islands that have arisen after statehood. All navigable rivers, streams, and bayous should be meandered.