A land surveyor is one who using a combination of experience and education comprehends and define the characteristics of land. Who is authorized to perform and represent a physical retracing of the legal history of that piece of land. A land surveyor is a design expert who is licensed by the State of New York. A New York licensed land surveyor can use applied mathematics and various technical and research abilities to measure and plot: the measurements of any part of the Earth’s surface, natural and artificial structures, the directions and lengths of boundary lines, and the curve of the Earth’s surface as well.

Land surveyors might offer a lot of different services which include:

• Proposed Plot Plans
• Global Positioning System Surveys
• Subdivision Design and Platting
• Boundary Surveys
• Environmental Impact Statements
• Building Location and Foundation Location Surveys
• Wetland Delineation and Location
• Topographic Surveys
• Geodetic Control Surveys
• Percolation Tests and Soil Descriptions
• Land Development Plans
• Mining Plans
• Monitoring of Structural Settling of Buildings and Other Structures
• Construction and Transportation Staking
• Mitigation Plans
• Utility and Pipeline Surveys

As said by the New York State Law, the surveys made only by the licensed and registered New York State Land Surveyors are lawful. Only those land surveyors who are registered have the mixture of land surveying education and experience in the field which is needed for licensure in the New York State, and just the licensed and registered land surveyors have passed the licensure exam in New York State.

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