While drawing a line on the "orientated image“ (left side of the screenshot) PointCloud Pro represents the 3D traverse on the point cloud directly. (right side).

Numerous new functionalities bundled in PointCloud Pro allow for a faster and easier postprocessing of point clouds in AutoCAD. Planes can be adjusted by selecting a certain area of points. Intersecting these planes provides edges and corners of the scanned object in a fast and accurate way. In addition, an AutoCAD UCS can be adopted on those planes which eases the further postprocessing within AutoCAD.

Using both, point cloud data and orientated images for the postprocessing allows for an easy, more accurate and efficient workflow. The drawn lines on the images are directly represented on the point cloud with their correct position. Using the images with their very high resolutions makes the identification of the wanted corners, edges and lines very easy.

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