Redlands, Calif.-BusinessMAP 4.5, the latest version of ESRI’s affordable, easy-to-use database mapping solution, transforms information from databases, contact managers, and spreadsheets into colorful maps. Incorporating data into maps enables professionals in all industries to more clearly interpret this information to make better, more effective business decisions.

BusinessMAP 4.5 comes with a variety of interactive functionality enhancements and data updates. Improved features and data in the BusinessMAP 4.5 release include On-Map Charts, a tool that enables users to add bar, pie, and value-sized charts to area demographic maps to improve the interpretation of data. Updates to map data, D&B business listings, and ESRI's 2006 demographic data estimates and 2011 projections, as well as the addition of world maps, have been included in this new version of BusinessMAP. Other enhancements to BusinessMAP include

·    Application Programming Interface (API)-For better, faster results, users can create custom tools and applications and automate tasks via a Component Object Model (COM) API.
·    Spider Diagrams-This tool enables users to create spider diagrams that depict a many-to-one relationship (e.g., by drawing lines to illustrate customer traffic to a retail store).
·    Spatial Calculator-Use the Spatial Calculator tool to build relatively equivalent territories based on common geography and a specific data variable or data projections.
·    Label Manager-This shortcut toolbar enables you to quickly change fonts, style, size, and color of labels for any map layer to quickly produce desired map results.
·    Find Similar-Use demographic data to find areas similar to existing successful market areas.
·    Complimentary 30-Day Color Aerial Photo Subscription-You can now subscribe to a complimentary 30-day subscription to color aerial photography from i-cube as well as black and white aerials from Maptech.

BusinessMAP 4.5 includes existing features such as color-coded analysis, territory design, ring and drive-time studies, geographic queries, and plotting database points from a variety of sources including ACT!, dBASE, Excel, GoldMine, and Microsoft Outlook.

BusinessMAP 4.5 is available for Windows 98/2000, NT 4.0, or XP. For more information, visit, contact your local ESRI reseller, or call ESRI directly at 1-800-970-0033.

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