Richmond Hill, Ontario– November 29, 2007: PCI Geomatics is pleased to announce the latest release of GeomaticaX, a toolkit for creating customized workflows and automated processing chains, using Python scripting language and C++ and Java programming languages.

This latest release of GeomaticaX consists of version 1.2 of PCI Geomatics’ Professional Software Development Kit (ProSDK), and a suite of ProPacks. Each ProPack contains a set of software components that address specific geomatics application areas including orthorectification, mosaicking, elevation extraction, and pansharpening and extends the capabilities of the ProSDK. These software components represent PCI Geomatics’ core technology and are called PCI Pluggable Functions (PPFs).

The ProSDK version 1.2 offers a flexible development environment and more accessible functionality. The new ProPacks support hyperspectral analysis, layer-to-layer conversion, an ALOS and CARTOSAT model and more. These additions complement the suite of existing solution technology such as our enterprise data support and file format support (NITF).

“This ProSDK and ProPacks release has over twice as many PPFs as the version 1.1 release and the amount of automated, repeatable testing applied to this product has increased along with its size in order to maintain a high level of quality,” said Dr. Richard Pollock, Director of Research and Development at PCI Geomatics.

GeomaticaX is available for Windows XP and Linux. PCI Geomatics is a world-leading developer of software and solutions for geospatial imaging applications, and our Professional Services Group is available to deliver straightforward solutions that incorporate ProSDK and ProPacks software into your prerequisites.

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