LIVERMORE, Calif. -- Topcon Positioning Systems’ industry-leading Millimeter GPS precise positioning technology has been expanded into the paving industry, creating the world’s first 3D-GPS+ control system for pavers, profilers and trimmers.

Topcon’s unique technology provides a significant enhancement in the vertical measuring precision of RTK GPS. The technology, known as Lazer Zone, is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to generate a vertical accuracy to within a few millimeters as compared to the centimeter vertical accuracy of conventional RTK GPS.

Topcon and TSD Integrated Systems, a joint venture of Topcon and the world’s leading supplier of electro-hydraulic equipment, Sauer Danfoss, used the Bauma trade show in Munich, the world’s largest construction show, to unveil this most advanced automatic paving control system in the world. The system will be available in North America in early summer.

Utilized on pavers, the Millimeter GPS technology incorporates a unique zone-beam laser transmitter, the PZL 1, that sweeps a 2,000 foot diameter (600m) area with a 33-foot (10m) high wall of laser light. A compact sensor, the PZS MC, is mounted on a mast which is attached to the toe arm of the paver. Any time the PZS-MC sensor is positioned within the laser zone signal, the system provides vertical data resulting in millimeter vertical measuring precision.

Millimeter GPS technology is “up to 300 percent more accurate than standard GPS, and will provide the best 3D machine control in the industry,” Murray Lodge, TPS director of sales-construction, said. “The Lazer Zone technology brings together the simplicity of a rotating laser, the accuracy of a robotic total station, and the flexibility and multiple user capabilities of GPS into one complete jobsite solution,” he said.

Millimeter-accurate GPS can be utilized for setting stakes or checking grade behind the paver as well. By simply combining the Lazer Zone technology with any Topcon RTK GPS rover along with the same PZL-1 transmitter you get the same high accuracy vertical precision control anywhere on the project.

Source: Topcon, May 1, 2007.