Sessions on technical trends in GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and more will be presented at the MAPPS annual winter conference.

Reston, VA, December 5, 2007- Sessions on technical trends in GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, LIDAR, and new and potentially disruptive technologies will be among agenda topics at the MAPPS annual winter conference, to be held January 31-February 4, 2008 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs), California.

Conference attendees will learn about business trends, such as teaming and partnering, raising capital support for firm's growth, issues in professional services contracting, potential new markets and the challenges facing the geospatial profession. Additionally, such topics as imaging processing, LIDAR, SAR and automated elevation extraction, data fusion, software for processing LIDAR data, UAVs and GPS navigation will be covered.

"MAPPS meetings are a unique and special experience, bringing together the principals, owners, partners, and senior professionals from the community's leading firms. The Winter Conference sessions feature the experts who can help professionals understand important issues that affect the multi-million dollar decisions made by private firms including the purchasing and implementation of aerial sensors, aircraft, data conversion and processing systems, and other hardware, software and products. These meetings are designed to spur thoughtful, in-depth analysis by fellow professionals," said John M. Palatiello, MAPPS Executive Director.

The preliminary program also includes updates on important decisions made by the government that affect the private geospatial profession. "No organization comes close to MAPPS in monitoring government policies and activities, or is more effective in lobbying for a favorable outcome for the private sector," Palatiello said. "All this information is presented in a-one-of-a-kind setting. MAPPS meetings are known for their relaxed atmosphere, beautiful settings, cordial interaction and most notably, fun! MAPPS has created a unique conference structure, which emphasizes networking and business-to-business relationship building. The meeting experience creates an environment which provides principals and decision makers of the nation's top private geospatial firms with information and education that positively affect the business aspects of their professional practice."

Early registration and the preliminary conference schedule can be found by visiting the MAPPS website, click here. The conference is open to all private firms in the geospatial profession, including those that are not currently MAPPS members. However, there is a significant savings for MAPPS member firm principals.