Douglas County employees Michael Kelly and Kevin Sontag were among members of the Kansas Society of Land Surveyors who volunteered to help establish a network designed to guide reconstruction efforts in Greensburg, a Kansas town devastated by a tornado May 4.

The network - formally known as a horizontal/vertical control network - provides a spatially related framework of control points and benchmarks for use by surveyors, engineers, planners and contractors in working to design and rebuild the city’s homes, businesses and other infrastructure.

Kelly and Sontag work for Douglas County Public Works: Kelly as county surveyor, and Sontag as an engineering technician.

Kelly and Sontag each received framed plaques from the society for their efforts. The two are members of the society’s Northeast Kansas chapter.

Society members put in a total of more than 1,000 work hours developing the network, which was forwarded to the city of Greensburg free of charge.

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Source:, August 7, 2007.