(Norcross, August 28, 2007) Leica MobileMatriX is the multi-sensor GIS solution from Leica Geosystems for capturing highly accurate GIS data directly in the field. The new Leica MobileMatriX Version 2.1 not only has the ability to log GNSS raw data, but also supports an easy way to post-process the data with Leica GeoOffice.

Leica MobileMatriX is a WindowsTM-based field solution for the interactive processing, visualization and maintenance of feature/survey data. It directly integrates survey related data collection and processing functionality into ArcGIS®. In its new Version 2.1, Leica MobileMatriX is able to log GNSS raw data. From the office, the user can post-process the data with Leica GeoOffice Surveying and Engineering Software and re-import the post-processed points back into Leica MobileMatriX. Updating the feature vertices to their accurate locations has never been this easy.

Why post-processing GNSS raw data in the office?

Real-time corrections for GNSS (RTK GNSS) provide major advantages on navigation and stake-out, the verification of spatial data directly in the field and effective data collection. But there are places in the world that don't have reliable real-time services, and in those regions the user requires better accuracy than can be achieved from navigated solutions alone. Second, not all field data collection tasks require data to be collected using RTK GNSS. Post-processing techniques are often essential to ensure that a feature's position can be defined to the required accuracy level. For example, a stormwater mapping project may require all data to have cm level accuracy. However, it may not be possible to have cm level accuracy in RTK all the time.

By using raw data logging and post-processing techniques back in the office, field crews can focus on efficiently mapping as many structures as possible, without being concerned with real-time connections and accuracy results. Post-processing in the office will provide the required high levels of positional accuracy needed. Finally, post-processing allows to re-process GNSS raw data several times. If post-processing the first time doesn’t provide the expected results, the user has the ability to re-process until the required level of accuracy is achieved.

Most advanced Mobile GIS System

Leica MobileMatriX v2.1 further enhances the productivity and efficiency of high-accurate GIS Data Collection. Together with the Leica Geosystems sensors, Leica MobileMatriX is the most advanced Mobile GIS System on the market and all Leica MobileMatriX users with a valid maintenance contract can receive Leica MobileMatriX v2.1 free of charge. For more information about Leica MobileMatriX, please visit http://www.leica-geosystems.com/mobilematrix.

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