CyberUtility LLC introduced the Intelligent Topographic Device (ITD). The real-time data-distribution device, which is attached to a surveyor’s boundary corner/control point markers, offers many possible types of data collection. Once deployed, the ITD network provides sensor opportunities for: real-time open parking space locations with rent-ahead-and-hold capability; smart-road traffic alerts for ice, accidents, or construction and real-time flow analysis for driver re-routing; and house-by-house weather forecasting. A land surveyor provides the GPS coordinates and meta data history (data defining the logic of the millimeter accuracy boundary or control point location) electronically to the ITD as it is placed, sealed and buried, on top of the location pin (usually a steel rod). Battery life for the unit is expected to be 20 years when used only for pin location. Product availability is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. (CyberUtility, Cleveland)