(JACKSONVILLE, FL) "• Visre Inc. announced today that it will make available both network adaptable and Internet enabled libraries of street level imagery and video to providers of GIS, geopositioning and geospatial technology product and services. The company offers full 360°visualizations captured from the street of residential and commercial properties that are GPS located and geo-coded to street addresses and county property IDs. Parcel photos, panoramas and “DriveBy” video can be accessed online via a Flash viewer that integrates the imagery to parcel line enhanced satellite image mapping or can be integrated directly to GIS applications.

“Visre imagery is advancing geographic information systems to that next level of connectivity between geo-spatial data and the actual parcel as seen from the street,” explained Billy Meadow, Visre’s president and founder. “Spatial and geographically referenced information can now incorporate static and moving visuals that are exacting and highly auditable as a source of reference to be included in data analyses. Visre can add new polygon layers to GIS, bringing maps and satellite views to the street.”

Driving Florida in vehicles equipped with the company’s roof mounted 360°multi-camera imaging system, Visre is capturing high resolution color residential and commercial parcel imagery at formats ranging from 2 megapixel parcel photos to more detailed multi-angle property panoramas blending images from up to 8 camera views. Using on-board computers and GPS, the parcel imagery is time and date stamped, geo-coded to property addresses, and can be rapidly integrated to county parcel IDs.

With each camera capturing imagery at 12 frames per second, Visre equipped vehicles capture dozens of images each in photographing approximately 4,000 parcels per day. Post-processed for color and clarity, Visre archives the imagery and can make it available to subscribers as a web enabled service or through purchase of its PhotoBank™ line of servers or rack storage solutions that GIS providers can license and integrate to their in-house networks and solutions. Visre imagery will be sold in geographic “zones” of parcels typically ranging in number from 10,000 – 50,000 parcels or more. A “Same Day Subject” image service will enable clients to order new property photos that will be quickly shot and uploaded from the field for a nominal fee.

Visre will begin video capture of residential neighborhoods nationwide in the 4th quarter and throughout 2008. The company welcomes partner inquiries. For more detailed information regarding Visre imagery and video services, visit the website and solutions page at: http://www.visre.com.

About Visre:Founded by technology entrepreneur William D. Meadow and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Visre’s mission is to capture the planet with 360° street level property imagery and video. Contracted in its home state to deliver high resolution photographic and video panoramas of neighborhood properties in high density residential areas to benefit the Florida Association Of Realtors, Visre created a vehicle mounted computer controlled camera that it will use in capturing properties across the USA and around the world. Geo-coded to the property address and completely auditable (time/date stamped), Visre photos of subject properties and comps are available by subscription through the company’s Residential Appraisal Image Library (RAIL). Searchable by address and featuring imagery gathered in driving Florida’s roads, dozens of high resolution 2 megapixel parcel photos are taken of each residence captured. With 10,000 parcels in a zone, a Visre driver can capture over 240,000 high resolution parcel photos in less than 3 days time. At Visre, we ARE Visual Real Estate. Visit the company website atwww.visre.comfor additional information and live demos of our Florida imagery and video.