RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO – Applanix introduced its most advanced medium format airborne directly georeferenced imaging solution, the Digital Sensor System (DSS) 439. Designed for flexible deployment and a wide range of mapping applications, the new system offers remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists a powerful and complete airborne digital imaging system with exceptional data processing capabilities. The DSS 439 incorporates the latest advances in direct georeferencing and 39MegaPixel CCD imaging technology, featuring faster data productivity capabilities, advanced optics, plus TrueSpectrum Image Chain Analysis support for the generation of high-resolution color and color infra-red (CIR) ortho-rectified imagery.

The DSS 439 is built using a rugged and tightly integrated computer architecture inside a lightweight and compact modular design. Highly portable and requiring less space than previous DSS models, the system is easily transferred and can be installed in small survey aircraft typically in less than an hour. The DSS 439 comes with a pressurized, shock isolated, and temperature controlled removable data storage system, integrated POSTrack flight management and Direct Georeferencing system, embedded camera control firmware, and a custom azimuth mount. Industry leading Applanix POSPac and INPHO image post-processing software are also included, which combine to provide a straightforward, productive, and results-driven end-to-end orthomosaic production environment.

The DSS 439 is capable of generating high-resolution colour or CIR digital orthophotographs and orthomosaics using Applanix’s industry-recognized direct georeferencing techniques. Mission planning, operations, post-processing, and analysis of data have all been simplified through a supported workflow that produces a variety of data products for a mix of applications ranging from agricultural reconnaissance and urban/regional planning to rapid response services and change detection.

“The demand for high-quality and immediately measurable geospatial source data is becoming increasingly important, placing a greater reliance on better imaging technologies combined with advanced position systems and workflows that deliver results faster without comprising quality,” said Eric Liberty, DSS Product Manager for Applanix. “The new Applanix DSS 439 represents a significant step forward, improving on a standard of performance we set early on that other systems have yet to meet. We are presenting a better way to collect and process ground pixels into useful data products much faster: hours instead of days.” In addition to airborne flight imaging solutions like the DSS 439, Applanix also develops Inertial/GPS position and orientation technologies for air, land, and marine vehicle platforms used for mobile surveying.

Applanix offers DSS clients world-wide customer support and a yearly maintenance and warranty program. The new DSS 439 is expected to be available at the beginning of the third quarter of 2007 through the Applanix sales network. For more information on the Applanix DSS 439 including specifications, features, and benefits, please visit


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Source: Applanix, May 7, 2007.