HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 23, 2007 -- Intergraph Corp. introduced a major enhancement to GeoMedia WebMap, its Web-based map visualization, enterprise application and analysis tool, which will facilitate easy creation of a "mashup," a Web site that takes data or functionality from multiple sources to create a new view and application.

GeoMedia WebMap 6.1 will allow administrators to use WebMap Publisher to easily create a web site that, in real time, combines their data and queries with either the Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth map data. End users can then easily view and interact with any of their data or spatial queries geographically overlaid on the Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth background using the Google and Microsoft controls and interface. The Web site can be created without any programming, eliminating the need to learn the geospatial browser's Application Programming Interface.

"GeoMedia WebMap maximizes the value of our customers' geographic information by publishing it on the Web - providing employees, customers, and the public fast and easy access to their geospatial data and functionality," said Lee Mashburn, vice president of product and solutions marketing, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure division. "By also facilitating delivery of geospatial information via the most-used online mapping applications, Intergraph is helping organizations to fully leverage their data for better, more informed decision making."

GeoMedia is a full suite of powerful analysis tools, including attribute and spatial query, buffer zones, spatial overlays, and thematics. GeoMedia WebMap provides real-time web access to those same capabilities. Intergraph's GeoMedia WebMap 6.1 with this and many other enhancements will be demonstrated at Intergraph 2007 and delivered later this year.

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Source: Integraph, May 23, 2007.