Applanix introduced a new GNSS receiver option for POS AV, its airborne vehicle position and orientation system. The new receiver option supports GPS and GLONASS signals. Raw data can be logged from the receiver along with IMU data for GNSS-Aided Inertial post processing through the Applanix POSPac V4.4 software. The option is available in new deliveries and as an upgrade to existing POS AV V5 systems. The new GNSS receiver option expands the POS AV capabilities so users can take advantage of GNSS base station networks that are being upgraded to include GPS and GLONASS capable receivers. The overall result is an improved operational efficiency and robustness for the direct georeferencing of airborne sensors employed for geospatial imaging, including LiDAR, SAR, and digital or film cameras. (Applanix, Richmond Hill, Ontario)