Hemisphere GPS and CSI Wireless Inc. introduced the new Crescent VS100 and VS110. Hemisphere GPS’ Crescent Receiver Technology offers the unique advantage of supporting two separate antenna inputs. Crescent VS100 computes and outputs heading and either pitch or roll angles by processing the data between the two antennas using a single GPS receiver. The receiver features status lights with a menu and display system, simplifying product configuration. The Crescent VS100 receiver can be conveniently installed near the operator while its two antennas can be mounted remotely. With a suitable distance between the two antennas, Crescent VS100 computes heading solutions with up to 0.1 degree accuracy and positioning within 60 cm. Crescent VS100 offers several differential options including SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, etc.), e-Dif and radio beacon (VS110 model). Hemisphere GPS’ exclusive COAST technology is also included in order to maintain submeter positioning for 40 minutes or more after loss of differential signal. An integrated gyro within the Crescent VS100 receiver maintains heading for up to three minutes after loss of GPS signals. (Hemisphere GPS and CSI Wireless, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)