RESON released the NaviSound 600 Series, a new range of advanced hydrographic survey echosounder designed to meet the needs of hydrographic surveyors working on medium to large survey vessels. NaviSound 600 works best for surveying in shallow water, harbors, waterways, and for offshore and dredging applications. It supports dual, triple or quad channel sounding operation with individual frequencies, which makes it convenient as a four-channel mini Multi Channel System (MCS). It has internal data storage with playback capability, and unique RESON-developed tamper-resistant data set encryption, which offers a verifiable back-up alternative to paper recorder. The NaviSound 600 Series is delivered with a 19-inch panel PC as well as NaviSound Control Center (NCC) software. The NaviSound 600 data output is supported by all hydrographic survey software packages. The NaviSound 600 Survey Series integrates the NaviSound 600 with the new user-friendly RESON integrated survey software package, which is based on more than 20 years of hydrographic software development within RESON. It is designed for any surveyor to provide the depth information quickly and efficiently. The software package performs all of the tasks necessary to complete a single beam survey during data acquisition, data processing and charting. (Reson, Slangerup, Denmark)