ESRI released BusinessMAP 4.5. Version 4.5 transforms information from databases, contact managers and spreadsheets into colorful maps. Improved features and data in BusinessMAP 4.5 include On-Map charts to add value-sized charts to area demographic maps; Application Programming Interface (API) to create custom tools and applications and automate tasks via a Component Object Model (COM) API; a spatial calculator to build relatively equivalent territories based on common geography and a specific data variable or data projections; label manager to quickly change the font, style, size and color of labels for any map layer; the ability to find areas similar to existing successful market areas; spider diagrams; and a complimentary 30-day color aerial photo subscription. Existing features of BusinessMAP 4.5 include color-coded analysis, territory design, ring and drive-time studies, geographic queries and plotting database points from a variety of sources including ACT!, dBASE, Excel, GoldMine and Microsoft Outlook. (