Montreal -- Geneq, Inc., the pioneer in WAAS-based submeter GPS mapping systems, introduces the SXBlue II, a next generation submeter, Bluetooth wireless GPS mapping receiver that allows you to use off-the-shelf Bluetooth-enabled PDA/notebook computers to collect GPS map data.

Proprietary technology designed to optimize performance under tree canopy makes the SX Blue II the best performing, WAAS-based mapping receiver on the market today. Tested on US Forest Service GPS test courses as well as other GPS test courses by objective third parties, the SX Blue II has proven to perform equal to or better than comparable GPS units that are using differential post-processing under tree canopy.

As the second generation in Geneq’s SX Blue line, the SX Blue II offers improved tracking/accuracy under tree canopy, improved accuracy in open sky conditions, integrated battery pack, battery pack “gas gauge”, 200 meter long-range Bluetooth™ , USB port and improved form factor.

There is no need for post-processing or other sources of differential corrections as the SX Blue II uses WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan) or GAGAN (India) satellite corrections. The users get real-time, submeter positioning all day long.

The SXBlue II is targeted at GPS/GIS mapping professionals in industries such as forestry, utility, agriculture and other natural resource industries in addition to municipal, state and federal government users.

The SXBlue II has a list price of US$1,995.00.

About Geneq, Inc.

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