Two Williamson County towns have laid claimed to the territory between Leander and Georgetown that includes the subdivision Gabriel's Overlook.

Homeowners in Gabriel's Overlook are adamant their subdivision is part of Georgetown, not Leander. "We thought we were part of their [extra territorial jurisdiction] and assumed we would eventually become a part of Georgetown. This was a complete surprise and now we're not happy about it," homeowner David Ciamerone said.

Residents were even more unhappy after the Leander City Council called emergency back-to-back meetings and voted to annex them last week.

"When we realized they had scheduled two back-to-back meetings to rush the annexation of Gabriel's Overlook through in one evening, we left the Leander City Council meeting as a group of 100 people who were extremely angry, frustrated, and now even more than ever, passionate that Leander is not a city we want to be associated with," homeowners association member Mary Lemke said.

Both times, the city council voted 6-1 in favor of the annexation.

"They didn't care what we had to say, it was obvious in the votes that we got from them," homeowner Marc Treslow said.

Residents say they refuse to go down without a fight. Georgetown's city council then finalized their annexation of the land Tuesday night to uphold their promise.

"Since we started down this path and the residents all signed a petition - 200 of them - we decided before that we would vote for inclusion," Georgetown Mayor Gary Nelon said.

Since Leander technically approved annexation first, it's their land. Now, homeowners are combing for loopholes while Leander is playing hard ball.

"It's like there's no negotiation about it. They think they're legally empowered to extend their ETJ, they want to do what the law will let them do," Nelon said.

The subdivision is not the only area being annexed by Georgetown. Members of the Lively Tract and an adjacent ranch have also come to Georgetown's city council asking for voluntary inclusion.

This will be the last border to be determined to the west of Georgetown.

Source: News 8 Austin, June 13, 2007.