Bricscad V8 - based on IntelliCAD - is the latest version of Bricsys' DWG compatible CAD software.

Bricscad V8 is not "just another" update, but the next-generation Bricscad. It signifies the crucial step towards free choice in DWG CAD. Here's why:

  • Bricscad V8 is based on top-notch behind-the-scenes technology and compatibility. The Bricscad kernel has been rewritten from scratch, resulting in a solid foundation for continued rapid and solid development.
  • The new graphical user interface of Bricscad V8 has been redesigned completely. It is much more than just a few fresh new icons and dialog boxes. Some major parts have been completely redesigned. A new Drawing Explorer and new Properties Bar offer intuitive management of Bricscad DWG files. A new Settings Manager offers a consolidated overview of all system variables and settings, a difficult-to-master section of the DWGworld. You'll wonder why it wasn't designed like this in the first place.
  • Bricscad V8's development environments have been totally reworked and extended, resulting in unrivalled DWG compatibility!
Key Features:


Dwg compatibility


Native DWG 2007 file format

Powerful Drawing Explorer

CUI menus and toolbars

Dockable Properties Bar

Extended raster image support

Consolidated Settings Manager

New highly compatible COM API

Customizable dialog and editor

New LISP engine

Full ACIS (3D solids) modeling

Full SDS support

Visual Basic for Applications

Support for Object ARX

Designed for Windows® 2000, XP and Vista


Reflecting Bricsys' international presence, Bricscad V8 will be available in many different languages: English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.


Bricscad V8 is offered at unbeatable conditions. Check the Bricsys e-store or contact your local Bricsys reseller for a personal quote.


Bricsys also strives for the highest level of code compatibility (Lisp, SDS, COM and ObjectARX) in order to make porting of applications to Bricscad V8 as easy as possible. Bricscad V8 is a powerful development platform. As such, it offers a unique CAD alternative for application developers. Developers are invited to contact Bricsys for any further information about Bricscad V8's development environments.


Bricscad V8 can be freely downloaded from the Bricsys website for a 30 day evaluation period.


To get more info about Bricscad V8 or to locate your local partner, we invite you to visit the Bricsys website.
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Bricscad V8 will be introduced in two flavors, a Classic and a Pro version. In addition to Bricscad V8 Classic, Bricscad V8 Pro includes Microsoft's VBA environment and full ACIS modeling. The Bricscad V8 All-In package (available for Bricscad Classic and Bricscad Pro) includes a Bricscad V8 license, one year of professional mail support, and a free upgrade to the next major version.


Bricscad V8 can be ordered starting today. If you order prior to August 31 2007, the following promotional prices will apply:


Normal price

Promotional price

Bricscad V8 Pro All-In

525 USD

450 USD

Bricscad V8 Pro

395 USD

325 USD

Bricscad V8 Classic All-In

425 USD

350 USD

Bricscad V8 Classic

295 USD

225 USD


You can order your new license of Bricscad V8 now!

About Bricsys

Bricsys has operational offices in Europe and the United States. We operate in two markets, represented by our two main products: Bricscad V8™, the real alternative for the DWG-world and Vondle™, a unique, web-based collaboration and project management platform.


Bricsys is active in 70 countries and has a worldwide network of partners who contribute in sales and support. Our products are available in all major languages. Today, Bricsys has over 50,000 customers. We've grown by 35% each of the past four years, and have always been profitable.


The strengths of Bricsys include a substantial development team and the ability to translate customer wish lists into reliable and user-friendly software.


Bricsys also delivers high-quality support to every user, every day, everywhere. Bricsys customers are leaders in their field and expect top-notch support. We're proud of our achievements and encourage all our customers to continue to provide feedback and communicate directly with our support and development team.

If you have additional questions about Briccad V8 or Bricsys, feel free to contact us at