Fort Collins, CO - Spatial Data Technologies (SDT), in cooperation with ESRI and Trimble, will host a seminar series focused on complete field data collection solutions specifically addressing the problems and challenges faced by field data collectors in the oil and gas industry. Seminars will be hosted in Houston, Texas on September 5, 2007 and Westminster, Colorado on September 11, 2007.

Spatial Data Technologies, ESRI and Trimble address the three essential components required for managing and monitoring assets in the field: a GIS-based enterprise geodatabase, field data collection tools and highly accurate and rugged GPS hardware. Seamlessly integrated, these three components help oil and gas companies address specific issues regarding planning, permitting, regulatory compliance, asset management, and data accuracy, streamlining the field to office workflow. Real world examples from pipeline operators will show how these technologies are being used to solve problems and enable their mobile workforce to generate results that clearly demonstrate a strong return on investment.

Attendees will learn about the complete data life cycle as it relates to oil and gas asset management, how to interface with an enterprise geodatabase, the value of structured data collection using SDT’s CartoPac Enterprise software solution, hardware to collect highly accurate GPS data, automated GPS data post processing and streamlining the data flow from the field back to the enterprise database. Also covered will be how the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) model, ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) and other industry data models can be fully supported in the field. A hands-on session in the afternoon will give attendees the chance to go to the field, collect data using high accuracy GPS devices and bring it back for data processing and integration back to a central database.

“CartoPac Enterprise is the first and only mobile GIS/GPS solution allowing users to take a fully relational database model into the field,” according to Glenn Vlass, President of SDT. “With a full relational field database, users now have the capability to interact with data from related spatial and non-spatial data tables. This allows field users to have the same data model as the main office along with tools to support data collection that is easier, more efficient, and of higher integrity than ever before.”

Plan to attend to learn how CartoPac Enterprise makes data collection, navigation, and decision support in the field easier than ever before. The seminars are FREE with breakfast and lunch being provided. Find more information and registration at

About Spatial Data Technologies

Since 2001, SDT’s singular focus is delivering software and hardware services for customizing and distributing complete mobile mapping and data collection solutions. The CartoPac Enterprise suite of mobile technologies manage many of the complexities found in tradition GIS/GPS application behind the scenes to deliver faster, more productive solutions to a much broader range of field staff. SDT is a Trimble and ESRI Business Partner.

Source: Spatial Data Technologies, August 1, 2007