DENVER, Colorado - A-Prime software, a leader in developing ArcGis plug-in applications, announced today the launch of its new wizard-based platform for ESRI's ArcGis users. The product, CrossView Earth Surfaces, allows GIS professionals, such as environmental engineers, geologists, mining analysts, planners, construction developers, gain broader and more intimate access to geo-spatial terrains and subsurfaces.

By integrating rich geo-data with simple yet demonstrative cross-section visualizations, CrossView creates powerful cross-section presentations in minutes not hours, saving both time and money.

"Before CrossView, GIS professionals had to deal with the time exhausting process of using outside software to gain a better visual perspective of their work fields," says A-Prime's Vice President Scott David. "CrossView eliminates this learning curve, making the most out of the ArcGIS skills they already have - which simplifies their workflow and increases overall productivity. By allowing GIS professionals to create cross sections on the fly we hope to streamline a process that takes needless man-hours and ultimately reduce costs for GIS users across the board."

Created by GIS professionals in response to the limitations in ESRI's current mapping platforms, the key to CrossView is its seamless integration with the entire ArcGIS workflow. "It's a completely intuitive program that we hope will make GIS users wonder why it hadn't been there all along," says David. "It unearths the spatial information resident within a user's existing geo-database. Whether it is raster, point, line, or polygon data, CrossView gives users a robust and simple presentation perspective through mapping profiles or cross sections of their ESRI ArcGIS geo-database."

"As a geographer my research field is the Niagara Escarpment in Niagara, Orleans & Munroe Counties of western New York State," says Robert Lord. "I am most interested in its topography, microclimates, glacial drainage and current river valley profiles. CrossView was able to give me more detail from the DEMs that I will be able to use in my classes and in my research."

"Looking at the time I've spent working with other programs that do the same thing and the time wasted by using outside software to get a publishable product, CrossView is definitely worth it to me," says GIS Technician and Hydrogeology Research Assistant, Jay Hanson. "I rate CrossView a 10 out of 10 overall." CrossView Earth Surfaces is available for only $499 at or by calling 877-MAP-DOWN.

About CrossView

An intuitive, wizard-based GIS plug-in, CrossView Earth Surfaces is the premier cross-sectioning tool for complementing the ESRI ArcGIS® workflow.

CrossView helps ArcGIS users gain a broader and more intimate access to geo-spatial terrains and sub-surfaces by integrating rich geo-data with simple yet demonstrative cross-section visualizations. With applications to suit professionals from environmental engineers and mining analysts to planners and construction developers, CrossView makes GIS easier, saving both time and money. By creating powerful cross-section presentations in minutes not hours, CrossView drastically hastens the workflow of today's GIS professionals, eliminating the need to reformat or relearn outside software while maximizing the skills and tools GIS users already have.

About A-Prime

A-Prime Software is a GIS software company focused on enhancing the detail, visualization tools, and flexibility of current mapping applications with unique technologies. With a rich history in environmental restoration, the creators of A-Prime are dedicated to improving the workflow of GIS professionals, which saves both time and money. Taking its name from the mapping symbol that notes both start and end, A-Prime remains focused on charting new ground in the mapping industry by developing innovative software that broadens and sharpens the way we view the world.

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