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Problem: Photogrammetry: Overlap and the Base-Height Ratio

Which of the following is a revocable right in real property?

      (A) An easement
      (B) A license
      (C) A lien
      (D) An escheat

This is problem 7(3-3) from the new second edition of 1001 Solved Surveying problems by Jan Van Sickle. Reprinted with permission from 1001 Solved Surveying Problems by Jan Van Sickle (1997, 728 pp., Professional Publications Inc.). For details on this and other FLS exam-prep books, call 800/426-1178 or visit

Answer: B

A license, such as a privilege to enter, is nonpossessory and revocable. One of the salient differences between a license and an easement is the license’s revocability.