Flotron (Switzerland) has signed an OEM Agreement with Filanda, Inc. (SoftNav-Canada) to include its Flight Planning Tool ‘TopoFlight’ with their Flight Management System. TopoFlight will be sold under its own Trade name. New Tech Services, Inc. (USA) is responsible for the marketing worldwide. The Flight Planning Tool has been developed to reduce the amount of time spend on producing cost estimates for in house projects and for subcontractor’s jobs. With the accurate result, the production cost can be lowered and errors eliminated. Over-calculating the total number of images has been eradicated. TopoFlight can be used with Film Cameras or Sensors and with various Flight Management Systems. It will streamline the production flow and all can be wrapped up neatly with the Index program, TopoFlight Viewer.

For information, visit: www.nts-info.comorwww.topoflight.com.