Whether you're shopping for geodetic GPS receivers, mapping/positioning receivers or GPS post-processing software,POBhas the information you need to make your purchasing decisions. Our annual tabulated survey-now in an online searchable, comparable format, can be found atNew 2006 GPS Survey. Its chock-full of specs and additional feature information from our participating manufacturers.

Manufacturers of these products have provided detailed information on several aspects of both their GPS hardware and software. If you're seeking a geodetic receiver or mapping/positioning receiver that tracks a certain number of satellites simultaneously, or GLONASS satellites or WAAS, our survey will provide you with that information. If you want your display to track certain information like UTC, dilution of precision or coordinates in grid, local or ground values, you can find it in our survey. Specs on a particular model's receiver interface, whether it will perform real-time kinematic surveys or pick up signals from the Coast Guard beacons, and size, weight and ruggedness can all be found with the click of a mouse.

Focused on software? We've compiled information on whether a product can handle RINEX files, and import and display background DXF maps and aerial orthophotos. Details on base line processing, coordinate transformation, least-squares adjustment and data export are also included. The details that don't fit specifically into our tabulated form are included as side notes to the survey. And some manufacturers include graphic images of their offerings as well.

This new survey format has been designed to serve you, our valued readers, as well as the product manufacturers and distributors better. We hope you use our new format to research GPS products before making purchasing decisions, just as you have with our printed surveys. With our new, easy-to-use online format, you will be able to review the specs of a particular product or compare several products at a glance. Manufacturers will regularly update their entries inPOB's surveys to keep you current on what products have been discontinued, which products have had improvements made to them and which products are new to the market.

Click toNew 2006 GPS Surveytoday for our new, searchable format-and stay tuned as we continue to roll out more product surveys online.