LIVERMORE, Calif. – Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has announced an addition to its machine control 3D systems. The new MC 2.5 with digital UHF radio is now part of all radio /antenna add-on kits for Topcon 3D systems. The new component will replace older MC 2.5 receivers with new digital signal processing (DSP) UHF radio technology.

"With the new DSP digital UHF radio technology inside, cleaner digital information is now available at the machine interface," said Jason Killpack, senior product marketing manager. "The gain for the customer is better radio data, and the flexibility in both channel spacing and frequency range programmability. Best of all it is backward compatible to the current systems that are already deployed in the field."

The new MC 2.5 with digital radio is supported with version 6.11 3D-MC software.

About Topcon Positioning Systems:Topcon Positioning Systems, a developer and manufacturer of positioning equipment, offers the world’s leading selection of innovating precision GPS, GIS, laser, agriculture, optical surveying, and machine control products, software, and applications. Topcon Corporation is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).

Source: Topcon, July 2, 2007.