(Old Town, Maine) James W. Sewall Company announced that GIS specialist Rick Martens has joined the firm as GIS Project Manager.

Martens has more than eight years' technical and managerial experience on GIS consulting and data conversion projects for municipal government and gas and electric utilities.

As a GIS manager for a county government organization in New York State, Martens was responsible for the coordination and allocation of resources for all GIS projects as project manager and technical lead.

Martens formulated long-term goals for GIS upgrades by the county and subsequently supervised the building of the county's first enterprise GIS solution from the ground up. He provided customized GIS services and training to many of the county's departments including health, public safety, highway, planning, law enforcement, engineering and HAZMAT.

Martens has demonstrated capabilities in the proper application and use of many software packages including the ESRI Arc suite of products, Microsoft SQL Server, CAMEO, MARPLOT, ALOHA, CATS, HPAC, and Pathfinder Office. He also has expertise in hazard prediction and assessment tools.

Working out of Old Town on the Utilities team, Martens manages projects for gas, electric and municipal utility clients, providing services in landbase development, customized mapping, E911 address data management, and GIS consulting. Leveraging his strengths in GIS conceptual design and implementation, Martens provides clients with a strategic view of potential solutions to best meet their specific needs, working with them to identify actionable items and initiate the implementation process.

Martens has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Founded in 1880, Sewall has provided comprehensive GIS consulting services to government, utility companies, and the forest industry since the 1970s. Sewall's expertise in GIS project implementation is supported by 50 years' experience in aerial photography and landbase mapping and 30 years' experience in GIS database and application development. In recent years, Sewall has assisted multiple clients with implementing web-based GIS. For more information, visitwww.jws.com.

Source: Sewall Company, November 1, 2006.